Play Videoslots Wheel of Jackpots
Posted in Promotions April 9, 2019

Play Videoslots Wheel of Jackpots

The online gambling industry has been growing rapidly over the past 25 years or so thanks to companies such as Videoslots. They offer a huge variety of slot machines, table and other casino games, developed by the best software suppliers in the world.

Regardless of how different modern games are from those made 20 years ago, there is one thing people will always be interested in — the jackpot. The fact that everyone has equal odds of winning one thrills hundreds of millions of gamblers all over the world.

Some of the companies Videoslots has partnered up with include giants such as Big Time Gaming, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Microgaming, and Thunderkick. By playing games developed by these companies, you can enter the Wheel of Jackpots program.

The Wheel of Jackpots

Videoslots appreciates everyone who decides to devote time and resources to playing their games. And is there a better way to show gratitude to customers than to surprise them with even more jackpot rewards?!

The Wheel of Jackpots features three different jackpot rewards:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Mega Jackpot

You have probably seen these three types of jackpots elsewhere already, but the adventure that leads to them is why everyone is so excited. In order to get an opportunity to win any of the three rewards, you need to obtain a spin reward first. Then, you use that reward to spin one of the nine wheels. Keep in mind that not all of the nine wheels guarantee a chance to win the jackpot.

XP Wheels

Earning experience points is a well-known way of establishing a connection with a casino. These points may appear in different forms, such as loyalty points or any other point-collecting feature. The more you play, the more XP you will obtain. Although the process of collecting experience points is fairly simple and runs in the background as you play, you should be aware of the different levels, as they allow you to get to the jackpots.

There are six different spin reward classes:

  1. Wood — levels 5 through 20
  2. Special — obtained at level 21
  3. Bronze — requires 25 to 45 experience points
  4. Silver — anything between 50 and 95 XP
  5. Gold — the span gets wider here, as players are required to collect at least 100 XP before getting the trophy, up to 495
  6. Diamond — everything above the level 500 gets you the diamond trophy

Videoslots awards XP trophies for every fifth XP level, except for the level 21 where you get the trophy right away (by reaching the 21st level). The idea is that the value of wheels increases as you collect more experience points. Visit the official website to get more information on each individual reel, trophy, and their rewards.

Games & The Global Wheel

You can find the selected games under “My Achievements” tab on your profile. That is where you will be collecting all the trophies and win spins for Game Wheels. There are two different game wheels available:

  • The Red Wheel
  • The Blue Wheel

To play the Blue Wheel, players need to find secret spin rewards. Those are hidden inside random trophies in the game. The Red Wheel is a bit harder to reach, as it becomes available only after collecting all the trophies in the game.

Visit the Weekend Booster & Clashes, Spins & Wins, and Activity sections under the “My Achievements” tab on your profile to find the trophies hiding the Green Wheel rewards.

Other Rewards

Let’s remind ourselves of all the available rewards:

  • The three jackpots (Mega, Major, and Mini),
  • Six Trophies (Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special, and Wood)
  • Two games — The Blue Wheel and the Red Wheel
  • The Global Green Wheel

But wait, there’s more! Videoslots added four additional types of rewards you can get:

  • Free Cash
  • Battle Tickets
  • Extra Weekend Booster
  • Free Spins

Videoslots explains in detail how to get any of the 16 rewards on their website, so make sure to check the site out — that’s the most reliable way to get correct information. In case of any changes, they will be the first ones to announce them.

Earning XP

So far, we have gone over all the rewards and talked about available games, but what about the process of earning XP? That does indeed happen in the background, but you can only benefit from knowing exactly how you are getting those points.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that all video slots and other slot machines award XP, except for the games featuring progressive jackpots. The number of XP you’ll make for wagering one euro is determined by the RTP of the game you are playing.

By playing a game which has the RTP of 96%, you’ll get 1 XP for every euro you bet. If the RTP drops down to 95%, the rate at which you get XP goes up by 25%. That means that you’ll get 1.25 XP for every wagered euro. On the other hand, only 0.75 XP is rewarded for games that have the RTP of 97%.

We assume that you get the idea; so make sure to check the RTP for the game you’re playing, grab the calculator, and learn how much you can get for spending a certain amount of money while playing a game of your choice. To make that a bit easier, Videoslots explains that every 0.01% above 96% rewards 0.25% less experience points.

Want more information about RTP? Read this!

Terms & Conditions

The official Terms & Conditions are quite lengthy, as usual, so let’s go over some of the most important facts:

  • The Wheel of Jackpots is a limited promotion, which means that it’s not included in any of the RTPs.
  • You cannot play the Wheel of Jackpots if you have active bonuses.
  • All the rewards are paid in euros before they are exchanged for the currency selected by the user.
  • Once you receive the reward, you’ll have to use it within 7 days before it expires.
  • 1% of the total house edge for all slots and video slots goes towards the jackpot prize pool.

Make sure to read not only the Terms & Conditions related to the promotion but also the general T&C. That way, you’ll have everything under control before you start playing with real cash.

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