How to Manage Casino Withdrawal and Cashout Limits
Posted in Guides September 2, 2019

How to Manage Casino Withdrawal and Cashout Limits

Not only have online gaming establishments made gambling much more convenient and accessible to casino enthusiasts, but they have also become a hub of entertainment full of lucrative winning opportunities. 

Nowadays, pretty much every casino operator launches enticing bonus offers to lure new players in and keep regular customers engaged. And once you lay your hands on a good offer, you are surely in for a memorable gaming experience. 

While depositing money on a gambling site is easy, quick, and flexible, withdrawing usually comes with certain restrictions. The withdrawal limit is easily one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to choosing an online gambling casino. Most newbies aren’t even aware that such a restriction exists. 

These restrictions are a nightmare for everyone, especially high rollers. There’s nothing worse than winning big and then finding out that it’s going to take long until you’re able to withdraw your hard-earned cash.

To avoid unpleasant experiences, it’s important to understand casino withdrawal systems and limits. We’ll start from the basics and explain what withdrawal limits are.

What Are Casino Withdrawal Limits?

The term already defines itself – a casino withdrawal limit is the amount of money a player can withdraw at a given time. Casinos have different ways of going about these restrictions. Some impose a limit on each transaction, while others put a weekly or monthly withdrawal limit. Others use the combination of the two. 

These limitations might seem like a minor concern since withdrawal limits are probably the last thing on your mind during account registration. However, withdrawal limits can affect how you enjoy your winnings. 

For instance, if you have won a total of £15,000 and the operator imposes a £3,000 limit per month on withdrawals, it would take you five months to withdraw the entire sum. And this is without considering the amount of time it would take you to transfer the money from the casino account to your banking account. 

Also, read our big guide to understand online casino withdrawal limits even further.

How to Handle Online Casino Withdrawal Limits?

There isn’t much you can do to change the T&Cs regarding online casino withdrawals. It’s up to the online casinos to set their own Terms & Conditions as they please. If you don’t agree with them, you are free to look for another casino. You can always look for better conditions when it comes to withdrawal limits. 

Look for Online Casinos with Acceptable Withdrawal Conditions

Casinos with lenient withdrawal conditions allow you to make bigger withdrawals and, in some cases, to withdraw your winnings more frequently. You can find this information in the casino’s Terms & Conditions section. Keep in mind that some of these casinos may have stricter rules when it comes to casino bonuses

Don’t Deposit Massive Amounts of Cash

Don’t make a deposit that is higher than the withdrawal limit a casino has. This way, you can withdraw the amount deposited if you change your mind, even if it takes a few days before the funds get transferred to your banking account. 

Negotiate Your Rights

If you win big, you can wait for the necessary amount of time between withdrawals, which would mean that your winnings will be transferred in installments. But if you get impatient, you can always try to negotiate with the casino and ask for a one-time massive withdrawal.

Choose Casinos with Faster Withdrawals

Payment issues are common in the world of online gambling. Players often get frustrated for having to wait to withdraw their winnings. However slow or delayed, withdrawals are not always casinos’ fault.

Casino operators need to take time to ensure they are sending the right amount to the right person. There’s not much to do about this issue except choose a casino that provides faster withdrawals. You can easily check withdrawal time frames on our site, just visit the online casino section. Delayed and prolonged withdrawals are the most common topics on these sites.

In this guide, you’ll find casinos with fast withdrawals!

Maximum Cash out Limits

Although it may seem that cash out and withdrawal limits are synonyms, they are not. In fact, you should learn how to distinguish between the two. Maximum cash out limits refer to the amount of money the casino allows you to withdraw based on how much you deposited or based on the bonus. 

So, for example, a casino can impose a 20x maximum cashout limit on your £100, which would mean you will only be allowed to withdraw £2,000 unless you make another deposit. Bummer, right? Imagine how depressing it would be if you were to hit a jackpot, start singing celebratory songs and then find out the casino will confiscate most of your winnings.

Read the Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately, there’s no way around these restrictions; all you can do is read the casino’s T&Cs before you start spinning the reels. We usually check the little box that says ‘I agree with the Terms & Conditions’ without reading a thing. As a result, we are clueless about what we’re agreeing with.

While this might be OK when you’re creating an email address, it is something you should avoid when it comes to creating an account in an online casino. 

Signing up without knowing what you’re getting yourself into could end up terribly, and it wouldn’t be the casino’s fault, at least not legally. If you don’t learn how things work before you start playing games, you could end up losing all of your hard-earned cash.

Stay tuned, HitCasinoBonus will keep posting articles for you to stay educated and safe when gambling online!

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