Bitstarz Casino Revolutionizing the Gambling Industry with Bitcoins
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BitStarz Casino Revolutionizing the Gambling Industry with Bitcoins

There are hundreds of online casinos and dozens of them are excellent. However, very few truly made an impact on the industry. BitStarz Casino is definitely one of those and its contribution to the development of online gambling was truly revolutionary. BitStarz pioneered using Bitcoins as an accepted currency. The overwhelming success of their business is a proof that this was exactly what the industry needed. As the popularity of Bitcoins grows, we can expect to see more gambling operators welcoming cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and BitStarz Casino – Growing Hand in Hand

BitStarz Casino was launched in 2014. Bitcoin became something more of an obscure word a few hundred enthusiasts used right about the same time. Although, this currency officially existed since 2009, it was worth next to nothing for the first few years. People considered it far too risky to use or simply didn’t know it existed.

Now, however, the price of a single Bitcoin has risen from less than a dollar ($0.003 in March 2010) to over $6,000 in October 2017. This means that some people literally made a fortune on Bitcoins. A variety of advantages offered by this cryptocurrency also made it a perfect option for online gambling. As a result, in about four years of its existence, BitStarz Casino became one of the most popular gambling websites in the world.

It must be noted that this operator benefitted from the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies as much as Bitcoin itself did. Millions of people enjoy online gambling and their interest contributed greatly to boosting the number of Bitcoin users. These players come from different countries, so they are indirectly promoting this fantastic financial service.

Therefore, there can be no doubt that the gambling industry changed Bitcoin as much as this currency changed the industry. And the reasons why Bitcoins became an almost instant hit with online gamblers are:

  • Decentralization
  • Anonymity

The security and privacy of gambling transactions are paramount for players and Bitcoin provides both. The fluctuating value of the coin also adds a layer of gambling to every transaction. Sometimes, you can boost your winnings simply because the price of Bitcoin grows. There is also some risk of the opposite.

However, the latest dynamic of Bitcoin rates shows that they grow over 90% of the time. The few drops usually get back up within 1-2 months. Even in those cases, the loss is minimal.

The creators of BitStarz Casino realized the opportunities offered by this cryptocurrency and cashed in a jackpot of their own. Their revolutionary online casino seemed like a risky venture but turned out to be one of the most successful businesses in the industry.

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BitStarz Casino Today: Benefits and Promotions

Today, BitStarz ranks among the top 25 online casinos on all the most popular gambling websites, such as The convenience and security of Bitcoin transactions are only a part of the reason for this. The casino itself is excellent and offers one of the best gambling experiences one can find.

First of all, BitStarz is developed by players, so it’s designed to meet their needs perfectly. Even a complete novice will be able to find their way around the website. There’s a clear instruction for everything, such as depositing, withdrawing your winnings, using bonuses, etc. You even get a page that explains why and how to use Bitcoins.

Therefore, one doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge or even have a Bitcoin wallet of their own before they start playing at BitStarz. The operator even offers advice on which of the wallets are most reliable. Also, be sure to check their tips on where you can exchange any currency for Bitcoins.

What really makes this operator attractive is the BitStarz Casino bonus. Their promotions are always generous and they allow you to benefit even before making a deposit. You get 20 Free spins when signing up on the website to test out some of their most popular games. As there are 800+ games the casino offers altogether, 20 is a really small number. However, it’ll let you ‘get a taste’ of the fun you can have. This no deposit bonus comes with no obligations, so it’s definitely worth a try.

If you enjoy playing at BitStarz, you can continue to their Welcome Bonus offer. At the moment, it gives you a 100% match up to 1BTC on your initial deposit and 180 Free spins. The offers go up from there as BitStarz is always running some promotions that boost your chance of winning big.

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BitStarz Casino is known to be the first Bitcoin casino among the category that offers you the privilege to play with either EUR or Bitcoins. A €500 + 200 Free spins Welcome Bonus offer doesn't make things worse either. Try this kickass casino out today!

A player should also note that one of the major Bitcoin casino benefits is that all transactions are fast. You can deposit and withdraw money within minutes. The fees offered by these gambling operators are also lower, because Bitcoin transactions are cheaper in terms of rates. Add the fact that the casino has a lower edge when playing with Bitcoins and you’ll see why this cryptocurrency is fast becoming the most popular payment option for online gambling.

Learn more about all of the different casino payment methods, their requirements on deposits and withdraws, how to best make use of them, and their pros and cons; please read our complete guides.

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