PokerStars News - Steam Jackpot Poker, Loyalty Program Changes and SCOOP
Posted in Game Reviews, Industry, New Games May 10, 2017

PokerStars News – Steam Jackpot Poker, Loyalty Program Changes, and SCOOP

Home to the best online poker tournaments and the biggest collection of poker games on the Web, PokerStars is the portal known to every online gambler who has at least a passing interest in poker. This website is where you go for all the hottest events in the world of your favorite game and it just keeps getting better with every day. Just a few days ago, PokerStars released a Steam version of poker and announced this year’s schedule for SCOOP, one of the biggest online poker championships in the industry.

Jackpot Poker on Steam from PokerStars

Nowadays, Steam is the premier online gaming platform, which can be considered the sole reason the times of game CDs have passed. It’s only natural that online gambling companies will use it to catch the interest of the millions Steam players. PokerStars was the first to understand this and released Jackpot Poker on Steam on March, 20th.

Unfortunately, this experience wasn’t perfect, which prompted the company to update the game. The new, ‘bugfree’ version of Jackpot Poker was released a few days ago and the company hopes that this reworked version will be much more successful.

At the moment, Jackpot Poker has Steam rating of 6 out of 10 and quite a few unfavorable reviews caused by the bugs and crashes of the initial version. However, despite this seeming failure, this release can be considered an achievement for PokerStars.

There are 125+ million registered Steam players, and now PokerStars Casino has a chance to reach out to all of them. This is a huge new pool of potential business and every entrepreneur understands its value.

Most importantly, Steam is a rapidly growing platform and a home to many ‘indie’ game developers. Quite a few of the games released there are created by small unknown teams that are just starting their careers. They are often full of bugs and other issues, and the players understand this.

Therefore, the current critical response to Jackpot Poker definitely doesn’t mean that the game has no chance to ‘turn a new leaf’. The update will see to that if it really turns out to be a good fix for the game’s problems.

Jackpot Poker allows Steam players to enjoy one of the most popular titles from the PokerStars website, Spin & Go, and some casino-style slots. Hopefully, the new update will ensure that people can truly relax and have fun without the risk of the game crashing.

PokerStars Loyalty Program Changes – the Good and the Bad

The company has been making announcements about changing their loyalty program since last September and the reactions to this caused a lot of controversy among players. PokerStars officials claim that the new layout of the program will provide more immediate rewards, instead of the monthly tiered structure used today. This change will span across all PokerStars platforms, including betting and casino, so all players will be in the same position.

The details have yet to be released but it’s known that the Danish division of the website will be the first to ‘test run’ the new loyalty policy. The rest of PokerStars channels are expected to complete the transition by the end of 2017.

From what little is known about the new system, it will bring most rewards to recreational players, because it grants more ‘stars’ in a single session. This puts high-volume players at a distinct disadvantage, which is why they’ve been expressing their negative opinions all over online gambling forums.

Whether the changes will really hit long-term players hard or not remains to be seen. However, the PokerStars administrators seem confident in that their new system is an improvement over the current one.

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SCOOP Schedule and a New Championship in Sochi

Spring Championship of Online Poker, or SCOOP, is set to start soon. This is definitely one of the grandest events in the world of online poker and this year it’s set to be even more affordable and rewarding.

PokerStars announced that this year’s SCOOP will be one of the most accessible online poker championships. The low buy-in is just $5.50 and high is set at $530. The championship will also be longer and it has the biggest guarantee in history, $55,000,000. You can find a detailed SCOOP 2017 Schedule at PokerStars blog. The event takes off on the 30th of April and will run through most of May. SCOOP might be one of the biggest, but it’s definitely not the only one major poker event sponsored by PokerStars. Players all over the world know this name and now Russia has joined this club. In May 2017, Sochi, a famous Russian resort city, will welcome the PokerStars Championship Sochi. It’s the first event of this kind and hopefully, it’ll become an annual occurrence. The main prize of the event amounts to about $2,600,000. The championship will run for 11 days, during which players will not only be able to enjoy poker but also the sunny beaches and fantastic nature of the resort.

With this new addition to the PokerStars map, one couldn’t help but wonder which country will welcome their tournaments next.

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