Keep Playing at BetAt Casino with Rolling Cashback Offer
Posted in Casino Reviews, Promotions September 13, 2018

Keep Playing at BetAt Casino with Rolling Cashback Offer

If you think that your set bankroll for use at BetAt Casino is not enough, well think again. In its efforts to provide ‘a real casino for real players’, the team behind the casino now offers a variety of promotions that can keep everyone happy and engaged for days. And one such casino offering that’s about to boost your bankroll and change the way you play games is its ‘Rolling Cashback Offer’. As the name suggests, this is a promotion of the casino that returns back a portion of the player’s spent bankroll. But compared to other standard cashback offers that are given by top casinos, the Rolling Cashback Offer of BetAt Casino is different with a promise to give players that great returns every time they play the games. This promotion can serve as a ticket for players to earn some playing cash but with simpler rules to follow – you play the games today, you get something to roll tomorrow; and when you play the games this month, you secure a set bankroll for next month!

It’s an easy way to earn points and play the best games offered at BetAt Casino, right?

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BetAt Casino

A real and reliable casino, for the regular players looking for jackpots. This is how BetAt Casino is marketed online. As a leading fun online casino, BetAt offers popular casino games, from slots to table games, live casino and video poker. Enjoy a Welcome Bonus offer worth up to €150 + 50 Free spins on Starburst!

Manage your Cashflow, Get Your Game Going

This premium promotion from BetAt is actually inspired by the standard casino offer called cashback promotion. Under this standard casino promotion, the operator will refund a percentage of the money spent by the player over a period of time. The common practice is to refund a percentage of the loss, and it usually ranges from 10 to 30% of the total money lost.

Some casinos will specify the time frame, and the upper limit of the amount that can be refunded. Now, the team behind BetAt Casino has been inspired by this promotion to come up with its own cashback offer which is designed for players who wants to play more. The name of this new promotion is the Daily Cashflow, which is an appropriate name for a promotion that will give back to players.

Your Complete Guide to Cashback Refund is found here.

Win-Win Solution from a Winning Casino Operator

The great thing about this promotion from BetAt Casino is that this is available daily, and delivered to players who will have a net loss at the end of the day. If in case you play today at the casino and you encountered a net loss, then your account will be credited with a casino bonus the following day, to the tune of 25% of all losses made. What if you made some instant winnings, and you earned a neat profit at the end of the day? With BETAT Casino, there’s something for everybody, including the ones who managed to win at the end of the day. If you managed to get the win after a day’s worth of games, you still get some bonuses from the casino in the form of Free spins which can be played on selected slots. Another feature of this promotion is that this runs every day, every month of the year.

Aside from the Daily Cashflow which counts the net loss at the end of the playing day, it also offers a Monthly Cashflow which focuses on the net loss of the player at the end of the month. Just like the Daily Cashflow, the Monthly Cashflow promotion of this casino will count the losses of the player at the previous month. Once the net losses have been figured out, the casino will then offer a 10% cashback to the player, which is a great start for a new month. This promotion of BetAt Casino is available to all members of the casino, and does not require an opt-in or other tiring application process. Just like it’s rules for winning the prizes, the standard rule in joining and enjoying the promotion is simple. If you play the games of BetAt Casino, then you are in and ready to win the cashback or the Free spins.

Are you ready to play and get back some of the losses? If you want a win-win approach to playing casino games like slots, then the Rolling Cashback Offer of BetAt Casino is your best bet!

To learn more about all of the different bonus types, their respective requirement, and how to best make use of them; please read our complete guides about each of them below.

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