Casino Management Changes - Is This a Goodbye For Club World Group?
Posted in Industry April 24, 2017

Casino Management Changes – Is This a Goodbye for Club World Group?

The online gambling industry is a business first and foremost. Unfortunately, this means that it’s not immune to the vices and dangers of the business world, which include hostile takeovers. It seems that Casino World Group has fallen victim to this particular problem. It’s a great disappointment for thousands of players and all those who know and love the Affiliate Edge program.

Affiliate Edge – The Fall of a Legend

Affiliate Edge is definitely one of the most well-known and respected affiliate programs in the online casino industry. It’s a successor to CWC Affiliates, which has been around since 2004. At the moment, it has 8 online casino brands under its name and each is renowned as a premier gambling portal.

At least, that used to be the case when Affiliate Edge was run by people who made it into the highly-efficient (and definitely insanely profitable) machine that we know today. Martyn Beacon was one of the most renowned among them, winning numerous awards and gaining recognition as a reliable rock in the ever-shifting casino industry.

Affiliate Edge used to be staffed with people like Martyn, meaning highly qualified professionals with experience to solve any problem. They also had inspiration to create new ways for furthering the business. Their success, however, attracted too much attention, which led to what some today call a ‘hostile takeover’. In essence, it was a change in ownership that occurred somewhere around October 2016.

It might not seem like a big deal as this industry is hardly stable. Ownership of the companies changes eventually, even if they are as big and old as Affiliate Edge. Sometimes, the changes this causes are so minimal, no one even notices the difference.

In many situations, the new leadership turns out to be for the better. It brings in ‘new blood’ as well as vision. For many minor casinos, appropriation by larger businesses is a particularly beneficial experience. This kind of deal provides them with an established brand and resources necessary for progress.

However, Affiliate Edge casino brands have already been solid and reputed enough to impress thousands of players all over the world. They hardly needed a reputation boost, and the new leaders of the company definitely didn’t pay any attention to rebranding.

So far, it seems that the only thing they did was to effectively blemish the stellar reputation their predecessors spent over a decade building. Club World Group, one of the AE brands, seems to be the victim number one.

New Management and Club World Group

For many years, Club World Group used to be associated with quality and reliability in the iGaming world. You could be sure that their Club World Casino would provide you with lots of entertainment and honest payouts. Most importantly, you could rely on any inquiry being dealt with quickly and efficiently.

According to the words of expert players, this state of affairs seems to be in the past. At the moment, the operations of Club World Group are run by ‘consultants’. Whoever these people are, they are definitely not doing a very good job of this as the Club World Group Affiliate Program has been banned by, one of the most trusted sources of information in the online gambling industry.

The problems with the new management are most surely caused by the fact that the people who own the company now have no experience in the online gambling industry. The story behind the changes in Club World Group’s leadership remains murky. The only solid fact known today is that Jonathan Ferster, who ran the company since 2004, resigned without notice last October.

Presumably, the group’s operations passed on to his two brothers, Dennis and Stuart, who don’t have much experience in this particular field. This is where the consultants come into the picture as they were hired to help run the business.

Jonathan Ferster’s resignation is shrouded in mystery and surrounded by rumours of fraud and questionable practices. However, the public hasn’t been presented with any official facts to support those stories. The only truth we know is that he is no longer at the helm of Casino World Group, and the quality of its services has been steadily dropping ever since.

It has taken until January for the new management to actually inform the affiliates of the ownership changes and employment of consultants. It’s the latter that has dealt most damage to the reputation of Club World Group as these professionals are associated with Affpower. Everyone in the online gambling industry, who is at least somewhat following the news is aware that Affpower is the name behind the scandal with pirated NetEnt games.

Whatever pushed the new leaders of Casino World Group to willingly attach their name to a company with ruined reputation is the main question here. Their negative influence is already showing. According to the latest affiliate reports, Affiliate Edge has resorted to detagging players from affiliates, which is a case of fraud in the world of iGaming. How far the standards of the previously stellar group have yet to fall remains unknown.

The good news is that Affiliate Edge is not the only good program out there. If you’ve lost faith in them, you can try joining Kindred Affiliates that supports Unibet Casino and Maria Casino and some other well known brands, perhaps some of your favourite ones? 

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